Secret Doctrine - "members-only"

Secret Doctrine                - "members-only"
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Advanced Rastalogical topics.

The presence of The Church of Haile Selassie I legitimized the Vow of the Nazarite that is taken in front of a Priest during Baptism (Initiation).

Without Temple worship, we Rastafarians cannot survive the onslaught of the 21st century. Temple worship ensures the continuity of our 'Faith'. Temple worship establishes the path where we can venerate Emperor Haile Selassie I as the 'Deity' of the ages. Temple worship legitimizes the Sacred Sanctity of Emperor Haile Selassie I. The presence of the Church is not to convert members of the community, but to correct the abuse and erase the mythological conception surrounding Emperor Haile Selassie I and inculcate his 'Utterance', which in these last days represent the "Comforter" identified in the scriptures.